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What are Allocation Panels?  United Way of Mesa County believes the caring power of the community can provide everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We engage the community in identifying community in identifying needs, finding partners to help solve issues, and raising resources to allocation to the fight.  Allocation Panels are a vital step in the process.  Local non-profit agencies have applied for grant funding from United Way of Mesa County but we want the community to guide how these resources are used.  Allocation Panels are made up of volunteers from all over the community with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and viewpoints.  The panels review grant application, interview and visit with agencies, and make funding and priority recommendations to the United Way of Mesa Board of Directors.  We want as much of the community as possible to be engaged in deciding where grant funds are allocated.

How much time will they take?  Serving on an Allocation Panel requires an investment of time.  Panelists will learn about community needs, review grant application, interview and meet with agencies, and make funding recommendations that will be in place for the next two years.  We are asking for panelists to commit to five meetings:  one orientation meeting, three cohort meetings, and a final capstone meeting.  One of the cohort meetings will be an all-day round of interviewing agencies but all other meetings will be held in the evening.

What are cohorts? Can I serve on more than one? – We have divided our grant applications into three different pools:  Education, Health, and Self-Reliance.  You may chose a cohort based on interest, expertise, schedule availability, or to avoid a conflict of interest.  Panelists are welcome to serve in more than one cohort as long they are confident they can commit the required time and attention.

What skills are you looking for?  Every person in Mesa County can contribute their unique perspectives and viewpoints in the process.  Business leaders, health and human service employees, students, retirees…truly anyone can help represent the community. 

Are there any restrictions or conflict of interest issues?  We have divided applications into different categories (Health, Education, and Self-Reliance).  Employees and volunteers of agencies that have applied for grant funding are welcome to serve on an Allocation Panel but will not be placed in the same cohort reviewing the agency’s application.

I know the perfect person to serve!  How can I get them involved?  We truly want as many community members to serve as possible, however we also must coordinate conflict of interest issues and cohort sizes.  Please have them send an email to and we will coordinate with them.  We would like to have our Allocation Panel and cohorts set by February 18, 2022.

This looks like a big commitment for time and huge responsibility.  Why should I serve?  It is indeed a big time commitment and awesome responsibility but the payoff is more than worth it.  Past panelists have been able to learn more about their community, better understand our local nonprofits, and significantly impact the lives of 50,000 residents.  The time goes by fast but the experiences and fulfillment of serving on an Allocation Panel are long-lasting. 


All meetings will be offered both in person and virtually, including the all-day meetings with agencies.  All panelists must attend or view the recording of the orientation meeting before the first cohort meeting.  We also request that you attend every cohort meeting so that decision making is fair and consistent. 

What should I do next?  Determine which cohort is best for you and if you have any conflict of interests.  Please email United Way of Mesa County at to express interest and preferred cohort.  We can also help you work through any potential conflict of interests and answer any other questions you may have.  We ask that you email us before February 18, 2022 so that we have cohorts in place for the orientation meeting.

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